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Family Visit || Xiumin and Sandeul


The Diwata felt a little worried when he heard all the shuffling from inside. He hoped the other wasn’t stressing himself out too much about having him over. Sandeul really hated being a burden on people, especially family friends. Right when he was about to ask if the other was okay he heard Xiumin tell him to come in. 

With his potted friend clutched firmly in one arm, Sandeul turned the door knob, surprised it was unlocked, and peeked inside. “Xiu.. Min?” He was confused where his friend was. He took a couple steps into the run-down looking apartment and took his shoes off skillfully without his hands. Bone Crusher’s leaves began to curl as he closed the door, clearly not comfortable in a stuffy apartment. The plant loving boy gave his photosynthesizing friend a gentle kiss on one of his mouths before stepping into the kitchen to see the neko boy on top of the kitchen counter.

"Xiumin!! Hey, what are you doing up there?" He asked, putting his plant friend down on the table before walking over to the cat boy who seemed to be quite distressed being up so high. "Do you need help getting down?" He felt really bad for Xiumin. The boy was younger than him and also part cat. His parents explained Xiumin’s situation to him once, but Sandeul didn’t remember the details. He just knew that Xiumin was a kind cat boy and it was safe to tell him about his plant friends. Xiuxiu was one of the very few people Sandeul knew from home who knew about him being a plant.

A soft pink washed over the boy’s cheeks as he saw the other enter the kitchen, seeing his predicament. Minseok felt bad asking for such assistance but looking down again he automatically reached out his hands for his friend.

"N-ne.. please.."

His gazed went behind the other, spotting the plant he had previously set aside on his table. It looked familiar. Last time he saw the greenery, however, it definitely seemed… greener. Could it be his house? The only light that came in was either from the smoky windows or few lit candles scattered around the room. His view then changed back to Sandeul. Knowing his powers he tried to remember if the same atmosphere would have a negative effect on him.

Once helped down from the mountain he quickly ran off to open each of his windows.

"M-Mianhae is this enough light?"



                               Gong Minji / 2ne1



Cute Baozi ♡♡♡

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Family Visit || Xiumin and Sandeul


Another long weekend had come and this time Sandeul actually had plans! He had three days (due to the fact that his Friday classes were cancelled for some reason) for another mini vacation. His parents had arranged for him to visit one of their close friends during that weekend. His name was Xiumin and he was… Like a step-brother to him. His parents had found the wounded warecat only a couple years before Sandeul went off to Insolitus. At that time Sandeul was being privately tutored so he didn’t spend much time at home. He honestly had only met Xiumin a couple times, but he clearly remembered the warecat because he was one of the only ones who was allowed to know about Sandeul’s relationship with plants.

He was to visit Xiumin in his apartment for the weekend and his parents had even mailed him a couple gifts to give to the younger when he saw him. It was a little strange to be leaving school alone without his parents escorting him (he honestly never really left campus alone except to go to the flower store in the city). 

All alone, Sandeul boarded a bus, his beloved venus flytrap clutched in both hands, and headed off to the city. He had with him his backpack filled with clothes and night time skincare as well as a gift bag in which he carried all the things his parents wanted him to give Xiumin. Apparently the warecat wasn’t living in the best area and didn’t have a lot of money. The idea of being in a dangerous area didn’t really bother Sandeul, but it was the fact that he’d be seeing someone he didn’t really know and staying at his house that did. Sandeul thought Xiumin was cute…. in an alleycat sorta way.

Sandeul hopped off the bus and followed the directions he had lazily scribbled down and soon he was at Xiumin’s door. Well… He hoped it was Xiumin’s. He knocked twice and patiently waited with a smile on his face.

"Xiuminnie, it’s Ducky!"


Minseok raced around his house, picking up any stray trash or items that were out of place.

It was not a large living area at all. Only a simple apartment on the second floor above an old, worn down flower shop. The rooms consisted of a small kitchen, living room, bathroom and one bedroom. More than enough, he would say. He was just grateful to have a roof over his head.

"Aish.. he’ll be here any minute.."

Minseok wasn’t used to having company. He was the company in most cases. Even though he had his own place now (technically) he was always hesitant to have people over. But who wouldn’t be if you lived in one of the shadiest parts of Seoul with a house that doesn’t even have electricity or a working lock? He owed this visit to the boy’s family though. Plus he was excited to see his friend from so long ago. Although he’s only met a few times he remembered the fun they would have running along the street and giving the other rides on his back while in his non-human form.

He had to make the house look somewhat presentable.

As the neko climbed onto the kitchen counter to put away one of the cups he heard the knock at the door.

"A-ah just a minute!" He called out, looking down at the height he was at. Of course he forgot to put the chair near to climb down safely. After a quick bite of the lip he yelled out again to the other in hope he could help.

"Y-you can come in! I’m in the kitchen…"

monster-xiumin:I'm looking for friends.. you seemed like a good candidate *giggles softly and bit his lip* I'm Minseok



-chuckles- good candidate? -smiles- I’m Yixing, it’s nice to meet you Minseok

I like anything that’s not romance. They get way too cliche for me -shrugs- They seem a bit too boring nowadays.

theeen… action? oo oo we could watch one of those detective ones! with murder mysteries~

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"I… wouldn’t people make fun of you for being red all the time?" He blinked several times, reexamining his face. "Blush…" His eyes widened, remembering from one of the romance novels he’s read and from skinny love and what not what blush was. “But… isn’t it unhealthy to be blushing all the time?” He asked sincerely, but curiously.

He blinked back before having his ears droop to the side and a small frown appearing on his lips. “If they do they don’t say it to my face…” He noticed the tone in the other’s voice that he understood, raising his gaze but still keeping his sad look. “I didn’t think it was.. it happens to me a lot.. I’m not going to die or anything am I? what if my head explodes or something??” His expression changed to one of slight panic, holding onto his head.



white people in their natural habitat

Everybody was kung fu fighting

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66-67/∞- b&w closeup edits of exo's flawlessness
monster-xiumin:"OH MY GOD! HEY! IT'S BEEN FOREVER! *hugs* Wait... Oh. Sorry, you weren't who I thought you were..."


"Ah don’t worry, it’s fine." He blinked over at the other, smiling softly. "I hear that stuff happens a lot.."

"eheh.. ne especially with me.." He bit his lip softly as he looked down. "This is the second mistake I’ve made" He laughed quietly. "ah mianhae again.."

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